AIM-X Individualized Tennis Strength & Conditioning

AIM-X is physical testing and training for ambitious tennis players.  A technology based tennis performance enhancing program developed from over 30 years of knowledge and experience gathered in a unique way of enhancing tennis performance.  



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The Team

Martin and Ali both working with top athletes are now moving in to the "Good To Great Tennis Academy – Catella Arena" to be an asset to the team with Magnus Norman, Nicklas Kulti, and Mikael Tillström. Their system is based on the athlete health and physical training history and tennis specific physical testing, in comparison to the Athletes goal and top 100 on ATP and WTA.

" It's about finding the actual areas needing work in order to produce better tennis players. It's about working smarter and being specific to an athlete's weaknesses as they apply to actual performance", says Martin



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How it works 

First there is a general consultation based on the players health background to establish a starting point for which of the testing batteries to apply depending on goals and history. 

Based on the consultation session, the testing phase is scheduled specifically to establish current performance level but also setting future goals. AIM-X provides a battery of tests within Movement, Endurance, Power and Recovery. Specifically for tennis players, to pinpoint current level. Once the test results are set each program is designed individually.

The length and intensity of the programs is based on history, ambition and commitment. It also involved habits, ability to recovery and sleep quality.

They always re-test to make sure the selected choice of course is improving performance and making the player better. With the test data, they can now also head on to the next goal directly, continuing the tennis improvement even further.


Specific tennis testing

The Baseline Profile was created to give a fast recognition of where the player needs physical attention. Instead of testing Qualities like Endurance or power, AIM-X is looking more into movement patterns and their individual qualities. Court coverage or Serve for example. In these movements, they look for specific qualities of Power, endurance and mobility.


The profiles are compared to top 100 from ATP and WTA. Where the most powerful, mobile and endurable players have set the standardizations for the tests results.



ACE Profile

Here is the focus on analyzing deeper into mobility and power specifically for the serve movement. Even Endurance will be tested (how you serve when fatigue is an issue.)




On court running power, mobility and endurance are factors determining where your work lies.


WINNER Profile

Ground stroke performance is about rotational mobility and a few other physical factors. How to get more racket head speed is the goal. Racket head speed will also be tested to determine progress after training program.

If the racket head speed is high but the body has issues with creating that power, usually means that the player has well developed technical skills to get that speed from his/her hands. This is also useful information for the tennis coach to have, to help the player staying injury free even if the arm is doing more work than the body.




Apart from regular equipment and technology, the team has developed their own interfaces and processes. AIM-X also uses tools specific to the team and program in the 1080 products the team has been part of developing. The 1080 products is the foundation of their creation. 


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