Qlipp is a great sensor

QLIPP is most likely the simplest and most user friendly sensor on the market right now.

-I got it
-Charged it and turned it on
-Downloaded app...Connected!

It doesn't seem to alter weight of racquet much as it's very light. The new version I tested comes with a rubber covering (this makes the new version act more like a regular vibration absorber)

You can now Analyze strokes, use video mode, serve mode (compare to pros), track calories burned etc.

It even "speaks" the racquet head speed to you after each stroke. (The feature I enjoy the most in player development use of sensors) I'm unsure of accuracy but seems consistent and useful.

It has a nice video recording with data overlay feature. In this mode you can see the stroke and racquet head speed at the same time.

Other features include kind of stroke (this was a little off sometimes), sweet spot indicator, and spin. Overall a winner in comparison to others I've tried.

(It disconnected momentarily a few times but reconnected right away...the new rubber cover might be the reason for this but not sure)

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