HEAD Tennis Sensor coming soon.

At first testing this sensor is very promising. Head using an already established sensor company in Zepp Labs, seems to have gotten this sensor a great start.  As always with tennis technology, it's about simplicity first. The Head testing version of the sensor is easy to set up and turns on by itself. It maintains the original racquet weight as it transforms any Head racquet into a smart racquet. The  Inside of the app there are several functions that seem advanced and maybe a little niche...but overall this seems like a great start for Head as they are making their racquets smart. 

-Fits all new Head racquets (it does fit some older ones but changes their wight slightly).

-Rumored price point around $100

-Easy set up and installation

-Simple magnet charger

-It turns on automatically

-3D serve representation

-Spin/speed/heaviness of each stroke

-Will help cut your video if filmed through app.