This hat works well for teaching basic posture. It will beep when player tilts the head forward. If player bounces a lot it will also beep when going up and down…this is why we recommend it be used in a controlled manner ideally with hand feeding.

We are currently researching other units for the sound to see if we find a better solution. In the mean time, this is a cheap and good solution!

You need: 1 hat + 1 alarm (find here)


Step 1

  • Cut a slit as wide as the unit in front of hat. Cut a little at a time and test the fit.

  • Make a hole that will fit the tip of the unit. test the fit again. Turn the unit on to test if you have a good “tilt” for neutral position where the unit does not beep when wearing the hat backwards (unit behind the head)

Click image to purchase on external site.

Click image to purchase on external site.


Step 2

Pull a rubber band through the hole and then loop each end of the rubber band around the front of the unit as seen in pictures.