New Racquet Brand-New Way.

A very forward thinking new company Dahcor. Customized racquets with NFC technology and optional smart sensor. Click image to see their site.


Interactive & Motion sensing Floor.

We have featured ASB Glassfloor before at Court 16 - Tennis Remixed but this is now on a new level! We asked ...what this is?

ASB says " This is our LED Sports Floor (LumiFlex) working in combination with our new tracking system. The system allows factors such as location, speed, direction of the athlete to be recorded and relayed in real time back to the player. "

How does it work?

ASB: " the video comes from the LED display underneath the glass surface, and the tracker is built into the clothing of the athlete. This allows both the tracking system and LED display to work in sync and provide the feedback and stats in real time, on the floor! Click on image to see video.