Product Name: ACES Tennis Management

Product Type: Player management/development app

Users: Players, Coaches, Parents,

Problem it solves: An On-Court Mobile App for Jr. Program Management and Player Development

Schedule practices & events

Our easy-to-use court scheduling feature will help you keep everybody informed about upcoming events. ACES automatically sends push notifications and emails when practices or events are scheduled. It is a platform that allows users to see players and coaches’ schedules for completed and upcoming activities. By default, the admin can see all activities for a selected day, while coaches, players, and parents can only see their own activities.


Share images, videso and PDFs

Our file sharing tool is designed to work like Instagram with ability to use "@" for tagging users and "#" for creating file description with addition that you can share PDF files. Well designed filters will allow you to easily find the file that you need. For example, you can filter files from a @player where they hits #forehands.


Analyze & share user's performance

ACES TM can serve as a player’s personal notebook which allows the users to create player’s development plan, weekly plan, or set the goals, by using our report feature. Whenever a report is created or updated, push notification and email are sent to the user and user's connection(parent or mentor). ACES comes with 3 different default forms: Development Plan, Monthly Report and Weekly Plan. If these forms are not exactly what you are looking for, we can create a new one that better fits your needs. Contact us via support@aces-tm.com and we will help you design and set up a new form.


Store & evaluate match results

Would you like to keep track of you players’ practice and tournament matches? The matches can be added to ACES TM by all users and the system will automatically send push notifications to all the users that are following the match, which are typically players’ parents and mentors. The users can post comments on matches, update scores, evaluate matches, and much more. ACES TM comes with a default match evaluation form, however, upon request, the ACES team can design a form specifically for you.


User's information in one place

If you are looking for a player’s phone number, string tension, shirt size, or any similar information, you will easily find it in the User’s Profile section. The only way for parents to access a player’s profile is for them to be connected to that player. Admins and coaches are able to access all profiles, but the only way for them to receive notifications and alerts about player’s activity is to be connected to that player.

Product Cost: FREE to $89.99/month

Product Website or Link: https://aces-tm.com/