Thank you for your interest in the future of coaching/learning tennis. Technology tools should be an amplifier of old school hard work. Let's be part of the future solutions by using and helping to shape productive technology tools for tennis! Alex Johansson

About Alex

Wanting to be part of the solution and productive use of technology in tennis, he consults, lectures, and give specialty courses on “Technology in Teaching Tennis”  ( PTR, USPTA, etc.) In 2015 he started the online social media group called “Tennis Teaching Tech” as the first online “community/forum” dedicated to Technology within tennis. The Facebook page, Instagram and now this blog found interest and is now "Tennis Techie".

Alex is also the founder of Coachnect LLC. In 2012 he developed the individualized web app for player skill building, communication, motivation, tracking, etc. and a video analysis service called  Alex worked with Texas A&M Aggies Men’s Team (NCAA #3) as their video Analyst/analysis provider and technology advisor.  Alex currently consults and is the United States Representative for the smart court "mojjo". Alex is CPO for the interactive wall “Multiball” and is on the board of advisors for Seven Six.

For a Podcast Interview with Alex on Technology click here.

For a Podcast Interview with Alex on Technology click here.

Alex;’s heart is in junior player development so in his daily role as Director of New England Tennis Academy he implements, uses, and oversees technology tools.  (Created a 360 Match Analysis product with primary coach input etc, technical analysis, motion sensors, PlaySight, mojjo, racquet sensors, speed measuring, wearables, player/support team management app etc.) 

Alex received the Touring Coach of the Year award from USPTA Texas 2016 for his work and results with competitive junior players. Alex has personally been the primary coach  for over 50 players to Tennis Scholarships for schools such as USC, UT, MIT, Rice etc.   

Certifications: USTA High Performance Coach, USPTA Elite Professional, Swedish T. F. Level 2 Certified, RacquetFit.


Thank you again for your shared interest in helping the sport and players evolve!