Tennibot picks up the balls for you.

Every tennis player has probably at some point wished there was an automatic way to get the balls up...and now there finally will be. Tennibot is a patent-pending robot that picks up tennis balls for you, so you can enjoy your time on the court. 

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" I had the idea two years ago" says Haitham Eletrabi CEO and Founder of Tennibot.  "After winning a CES innovation award in 2016 our team has been hard at work improving the robot and bringing it to market. Initially Tennibot only picked up 30 balls and and did not do great in corners. Today it will pick up 90 balls and with it's arms does a pretty good job everywhere." 

The automatic assistant is meant to help when hitting with a ball machine, in a lesson, or during feeding of a group lesson. In any feeding situation it should be of great benefit.


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Only people signing up (here) will have a chance to get their Robot in March when it ships. Signing up with no obligation will ensure your chance to preorder. Exact price will also be announced at that time.

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Video Credit: https://techcrunch.com/video/tennibot-autonomous-tennis-ball-collector/5a268ce08c08e03048bfbde5/

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By Alex Johansson

UTR Announces New CEO, Ownership and Partners!

Universal Tennis Builds Momentum for UTR – Announces New CEO, Ownership and Partners

Universal Tennis announces new CEO Mark Leschly, seasoned and experienced partners group and strategic partnership with Tennis Channel

(January 3, 2018) Universal Tennis announced a series of strategic moves today that sets the stage for Universal Tennis Rating (UTR) to continue its positive impact on the sport by providing tennis players worldwide with a single, unifying language and standard:

  • Universal Tennis announced Mark Leschly, Founder and Managing Partner of Iconica Partners, has come on as principal owner, Chairman and CEO.
  • A new partners group has purchased control of the Company led by seasoned investors, advisors and operators in tennis, sports, technology and media.
  • Universal Tennis is announcing a major strategic media partnership with Tennis Channel making UTR an integrated part of on-air broadcasts throughout 2018... READ FULL PRESS RELEASE HERE

Here is the official announcement of the increased efforts by Universal Tennis  on the Tennis Channel.



    HEAD Tennis Sensor coming soon.

    At first testing this sensor is very promising. Head using an already established sensor company in Zepp Labs, seems to have gotten this sensor a great start.  As always with tennis technology, it's about simplicity first. The Head testing version of the sensor is easy to set up and turns on by itself. It maintains the original racquet weight as it transforms any Head racquet into a smart racquet. The  Inside of the app there are several functions that seem advanced and maybe a little niche...but overall this seems like a great start for Head as they are making their racquets smart. 

    -Fits all new Head racquets (it does fit some older ones but changes their wight slightly).

    -Rumored price point around $100

    -Easy set up and installation

    -Simple magnet charger

    -It turns on automatically

    -3D serve representation

    -Spin/speed/heaviness of each stroke

    -Will help cut your video if filmed through app.


    Tennis Technology at USPTA New England Conference

    I had a fantastic time presenting on "Using Technology in Teaching Tennis" at @usptanewenglandconference in Stowe, VT. 
    Engaged and forward thinking coaches in attendance. This is a @USPTA section with big possibilities of enhancing the way we work, teach, and ultimately improve the experience of our clients through implementation of tech. .
    Thank you for having me @USPTA New England and tank you to all coaches taking the time to listen. Please reach out if I can be of any help!

    Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 12.58.42 PM.png

    There was also great up to date tennis tech info from one of the best Doug Eng (below) on video analysis among others. Great tip from him: copy link from YouTube and paste in CoachesEye (import) to download comparison video.

    Dough Eng Presenting

    Dough Eng Presenting

    Virtual Reality Tennis

    The first person system is a sign of what's to come.

    First Person Tennis is the first tennis simulator developed for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift. Now, you can play on a real tennis court and face professional tennis players. You'll have to show all your technical and tactical skills. The game is designed for gamepad or keyboard too. See product here



    Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 12.33.33 PM.png
    The view

    The view



    Pocket Radar is a small quality tool.

    Used the Ball Coach Pocket Radar at practice tonight with academy students and found it a productive tool!

    One has to stand back a little to capture the ball properly and from a good angle in order to achieve better accuracy. I use a long tripod/selfie stick with attachment for a phone to measure the serve. For Forehand or Backhand readings one can use a regular tripod with phone mount (these come with all selfie sticks....and you can use the other part of the selfie stick for this: https://www.facebook.com/545400872300223/photos/rpp.545400872300223/553332614840382/?type=3

    This is a great tech. tool that can be used very productively in teaching tennis. Also see a previous post on this page for additional info. Feel free to contact me for more information.

    Screen Shot 2017-09-19 at 1.40.34 AM.png

    Qlipp is a great sensor

    QLIPP is most likely the simplest and most user friendly sensor on the market right now.

    -I got it
    -Charged it and turned it on
    -Downloaded app...Connected!

    It doesn't seem to alter weight of racquet much as it's very light. The new version I tested comes with a rubber covering (this makes the new version act more like a regular vibration absorber)

    You can now Analyze strokes, use video mode, serve mode (compare to pros), track calories burned etc.

    It even "speaks" the racquet head speed to you after each stroke. (The feature I enjoy the most in player development use of sensors) I'm unsure of accuracy but seems consistent and useful.

    It has a nice video recording with data overlay feature. In this mode you can see the stroke and racquet head speed at the same time.

    Other features include kind of stroke (this was a little off sometimes), sweet spot indicator, and spin. Overall a winner in comparison to others I've tried.

    (It disconnected momentarily a few times but reconnected right away...the new rubber cover might be the reason for this but not sure)

    For 10% discount click link below.